How to Save Instagram Stories

Have you ever wanted to save an Instagram story or live video you really liked? Well, you can do that now with an Instagram story downloader.

Although Instagram stories are fairly new on the platform, there are reliable ways to save them for future viewing later. You can save the videos or stories of your favorite celebrities and friends, live streams with or without filters with a few online Instagram downloader websites and applications.


An Instagram story web downloader isn’t just another online tool that lets you download free videos. It is curated to help you get the videos and pictures that you desire hassle-free. It also offers unique features and benefits few services few online web downloaders can match.

Through the story downloaders, you could:

  • View and download people’s stories anonymously: Do you want to view people’s stories and download them without worrying about them finding out? This web app can help you do that.
  • Download in full resolution: The image quality is not compromised during the fetching and downloading process, meaning you get full quality videos each time you click download.
  • Don’t risk downloading from the web, meaning you don’t technically need to download the application to use it.

Toolzu Instagram Story downloader

This Instagram downloader is at the very top of our list because of its powerful features. To use the web app, follow these steps.


  • Go to
  • Make sure the button is on the stories option before you continue
  • Open your Instagram and copy the name of the person onto the entry field
  • Click on the Bid Download button and mark all the stories you want to save
  • Click on ‘Save as’ and set your preferred download path

Story Saver

Insta stories downloading applications share the same functionalities as many popular web applications, but they are typically not as robust. Depending on what platform you use, you might be limited in your use of the application.


For Android Users, the best app you can use is the Story Saver app found on play store. To download your first story:

  • Log into your IG profile using the app
  • Browse and scroll through various Instagram users through the search bar
  • Hit the save button to download their stories
  • You will find the stories under the Story Saver app on the play store
    • Reposter for Instagram


      If you use an iPhone, there are great tools you can use too. The Reposter for the Instagram app is a great option. And you don’t need to log into your Instagram to browse stories here, however, you will have to deal with ads. Alternatively, you can opt for the paid version of the app if you so chose. To download your first story, you simply need to:

      • Install the app
      • Input the IG username you want to browse and browse their stories anonymously
      • Click on ‘share, then “Save image/ Video” to download the video.

      With all these three methods, you should be able to download Instagram Stories on your device.