How to get more Instagram Follower

There are no real shortcuts that will help you gain Instagram followers fast, only tips that require time, effort, and some patience to execute. If you’re a business owner, and you are looking to expand your reach, or maybe you are a professional looking for more opportunities, then this guide will be of great help to you. It contains updated information on the tactics that are most likely to succeed given the current climate of 2021.

Be ready for the Long Haul

If you don’t take getting followers seriously, you won’t get the kind of result you are looking for. Be prepared to hound your feed and improve day in day out.

Share Reels

Much like TikTok videos, Instagram reels can go viral. Devote the time to making them and frequently attach them to your posts, making them the forefront. Also, attach various supporting shots, and share them on the explore page as well as your feed.

Optimize your Profile for Discovery

Search Engine Optimization is fast creeping into every facet of the net and Instagram is not exempt. It’s not enough for you to have a decent-looking bio and username that reflects your business, you must also pay attention to keywords also. People can directly search for phrases, words, and even people on Instagram now too. Act fast and don’t miss out.

Start your Own IGTV series

IG TV really took off when the pandemic hit, and more and more people have turned towards it as a popular form of entertainment. By creating a channel you’ll be tapping into a mostly untapped area of Instagram and you’ll be making a name for yourself before most people do.

Work with Other influencers at your level

If you are working on growing your Instagram followership consider working with other influencers that are on your level. They will be more appreciative of the opportunity to collaborate, and so will you. In addition, you’ll also be making a new friend and ally.

Be Authentic

While appealing to the populace might get you that initial spur in growth, remaining authentic and setting yourself apart from other influencers on the platform. It wil humanize you and that could get you more engagement on your post, which could net you, new followers.

Be Active on Instagram

Sharing, tagging, chatting, and commenting will let the algorithm know that you are active on the platform and it will help you grow by recommending you to other like-minded users.

Share on Other Platforms

Connect fresh and booming social media platforms like Pinterest, and TikTok to your IG, and do the same for your other social media too. Tease that you are also available on the other platforms and that could really boost your traffic.