Instagram Story Downloader

Download your favorite Instagram stories and highlights online quickly and easily with one click.

How to download Insta Stories


Find a person on instagram

Check your instagram and copy a person's unsername to your clipboard.


Go To Insta Stories

Paste the username to our textbox above and click on the Button below. Our service will start immediately.


Download the media files

You have the option to view the stories (completely anonymously) or to download them.

Benefits of Insta Story Viewer

Responsive Design

Our Insta Stories Downloader works on all common devices.

Very Fast

The service is very quick and we don't have a queue


Insta Stories is very simple and understandable for everyone.


We attach great importance to privacy and that is why we do not save any data from users.


View the stories completely anonymously.


There are no costs to you. We are free.

About the IG Story Downloader

Many create Instagram Stories every day and millions of people watch them. There is one drawback, however. As soon as you watch a story, whoever posted the story knows who all watched his story. With the help of the Insta Story Downloader, you can view and download the stories from all public profiles completely anonymously. With this IG Story Viewer you can stalk various people without you knowing it.